Friday, May 9, 2008

JP Cuison's Capt. Barangay Captain (origin,ep. 1 & 2 )

Collage pa lang iniisip ko na'to. Ngayon totoo na.

Capt. Barangay Captain is a parody of the old Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's Marvel Comic Hour during the 60s. It's my first formal animation project. It has become an annual thing for me to sell CBC dvds every KOMIKON (I'm now on my third year ).

Fortunately, it's slowly getting some attentions. It was reviewed by Mark Cerbo of Komiks News Now Philippines
Even Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada:

May mga kinakausap akong mga taga T.V. stations. Sana matripan nila yung animation ko at ipalabas nia sa Network nila (hoping).

...hay, ang hirap umingles! (swoosh)

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