Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oplan: ageing process

From: JP Cuison's mind control channel presents: How to age a new ticket

A step-by-step procedure on how we transformed a brand new card to a vintage tarot card. This procedure is patented and cannot be duplicated without our knowledge. Anyone who will be caught using this patented procedure will be killed without prior notice in a very ultra secret subtle way. So enjoy the clip and enjoy life.

NOTE: This ticket will be used for 4As "Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions Reel 2009." June 18; 3 & 4:30pm. F*Word

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just launched my newest propaganda material-- "JP Cuison's Mind Control Project".

Basically, it's my portfolio site that has been infused with hypnotic powers that will make you realized that I'm good...VERY GOOD mwahahaha!!

Visit the site but be beware of its power!! Mwahahahaha!!

CLICK HERE: http://jpcuison.multiply.com/