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Petron's "Transformers"/"desperate car" TVC on

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Capt. Barangay Captain reviewed by KOMIKS NEWS NOW

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REVIEW: Captain Barangay Captain

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Review by Mark Cerbo

Category: Books
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

I recently bought a two-disc DVD/CD-ROM of indie animated comic book titled Captain. Barangay Capt. by Kiko Machine front man JP Cuison and Kiko Machine Komix artist Manix Abrera at the recent Komikon 2007. I was sold not because of the comic book but my friend Azrael went nuts looking for one. He almost spent his money worth on all indie comics, and my curiosity was quite missing the “feel” of this event. So finally I have watched the full length (spanning two DVD/CD-ROM) discs of the series.

So Captain Barangay Capt. what’s it all about? Basically the animated comic was inspired from the characters from Marvel Comics. Like Captain Barangay Capt. was inspired from Captain America and his Kagawads from the original Mighty Avengers like Might T from Thor, Bakal Boy from Iron Man, and Hogan was inspired from… Ahem The Hulk and Pro Wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Surprisingly Manix Abrera’s pencils was inspired from Jack “King” Kirby who co-created with Stan Lee for Captain America and other well-known Marvel characters. The art was classic inspiration that got me on my heels seeing this animated comic and with a Filipino twist.


The first disc contains three episodes. The origin of Captain Barangay Capt., which reminds me of Captain Barbell’s origin. But this time around he was formerly known as Captain Dumbbell. The second and third episode is an Entrapment Operation against Doktor Domingo a.k.a Doktor Dom which features the first appearance of the Kagawads local version of the original Might Avengers that featured The Hulk, Mighty Thor, and Iron Man in there heyday.

The animated comic has funny and it was narrated by JP Cusion in tagalog, who sounded like Rey Langit a local radio & TV personality.


On the second disc it contains the adventures of Captain Barangay Capt. taking on the local version of The Red Skull. The next episode is the adventures of Bakal Boy taking on Magnus Lasingero a.k.a the local version of Magneto. Plus! The origin of Mighty T as the last episode to see on the Two-Disc animated comic.

The animated comic was first released in 2006, and they made a follow-up with the second disc. he humor made me sold and liked these comic book characters. Would like to see them in print or a Third Disc would be greatly expected to see.

Overall it was a fun strip and if your not familiar where they got the inspiration to this its in the credits. Seriously looking forward to there forth coming works. Definitely a must buy to support indie comics locally.

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McDonald's breakfast TVC reviewed by Business World

Hehehe napansin ang work namin sa businessWorld. Salamat mam (Nannette Diyco), pagnagkita tayo ililibre ko kayo ng Hamdesal.

The allure of breakfast

There have been television commercials in the past that have celebrated breakfast and its benefits. But the current advertising campaign of Leo Burnett for McDonald’s hyping its breakfast offerings beats them all.

This TV commercial stands way above the clutter of breakfast commercials. You see a car weaving in and out of traffic, with a man furiously driving and having breakfast at the same time.

The summer heat is credibly so intense that he is able to literally cook an egg on his car’s roof while he drives nonstop on his way to work. Without batting an eyelash, he pulls the egg now cooked, sunny side up, into the car for him to gleefully gobble up. Then you’re told, "There must be an easier way for you to have breakfast!"

Good humorous buildup to the commercial’s main selling point. Leo Burnett creative director Alvin Tecson explained that it was important to keep the attention of the viewers as the new "grab and go" breakfast goodies of McDonald’s are enticingly laid out by top food stylist Lydia Go: hamdesal with all its variants, with cheese, with egg and cheese, with scrambled egg or plain hamdesal, sausage muffin and egg muffin.

Marketing Vice-President of Golden Arches Margot Torres revealed that breakfast is now part of frenetic mornings per their research findings. "Gone are the poetic days of watching the sun rise and taking it easy." And to think that breakfast used to be a wonderful time to sit down, slowly sipping your coffee and reflecting on the day ahead! That’s evolving to be a past edition of life.

With McDonald’s brand promise of "McDonald’s makes my life easy," the platform of convenience has been communicated via its delivery ads, 24-hour ads and now its breakfast ads.

"Today’s urbanites are adopting more and more the dictum that if I’m late, I’ll forgo breakfast." This obviously radically contradicts every nutritionist’s credo that breakfast is the most important meal to keep you healthy. Ever heard of having breakfast like a king? Ask every health-oriented mom coaxing all and sundry to sit down for breakfast.


McDonald’s is thus offering delicious breakfasts "that can tide me over for the day until my gastronomical meal."

I am not surprised about Leo Burnett’s deep understanding of McDonald’s, having been the lead agency in the past for years and years. Leo Burnett executive creative director Raoul Panes traced its recent tactical ads for their client, beginning with the rice burger campaign and promo campaigns. I think these Grab and Go TV commercials clearly show Leo Burnett’s heart for McDonald’s.

I am more fully convinced that Filmex director Henry Frejas goes for realism even when extreme measures have to be undertaken. Would you believe that his propsman Teng Mendoza had to laboriously install a real cooking burner into the car’s roof for this commercial? He removed the car’s insulation and pasted coils within. This enabled the egg to be actually cooking, sunny side up, as the car drove fast along the street of Laong Laan. Then, he had strings attached to the egg and accompanying bacon strips. The driver, sticking his head out of the window to catch the freshly cooked egg and bacon then simply pulled the strings for that crazy frame. Good precise camera shots. As the astounded viewer, you therefore empathize with the announcer saying, "There must be an easier way to have breakfast!" Good show all around.

Credits. Client-company, Golden Arches Development Corp. Kenneth Yang, President; Margot Torres, Vice-President for Marketing; Lot Legaspi, Marketing Director; Jill Villanueva, Product Manager. Advertising agency, Leo Burnett. Richard Irvine, Chief Creative Officer; Raoul Panes, Executive Creative Director; Alvin Tecson, Creative Director; JP Cuison, Art Director; Cey Enriquez and Candice Madamba, Writers; Raymond Arrastia, Managing Director; Sue Ann Nolido, Business Development Director; Gela Pena and Nati Go, Accounts; Irene Chingcuanco, Producer. Production house, Filmex. Henry Frejas, Director; Dindo Martinez, DOP; Ric Galing, Assistant Director; Omar Mendoza, Production Design; Toti Treichler, Editor; Teng Mendoza, Propsman; Rachel Monteagudo, Production Manager; Lydia Go, food stylist. Sound design: Paolo Escanillas, Sound Engineer; Khalil Refuerzo, Arranger. Optima, online editing.

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McDonalds "Cook" TVC

Hehehe :-) My inspiration here is Mr.Bean. hopia like this beacuse I like it hehehe
No CG here,just the old school process of making an effect, just like in the good old days of our grandmothers and forefathers (and foremothers as well).

Creative Directors: Richard Irvine, Raoul Panes, Alvin Tecson
Art director: JP Cuison
Copywriter: Alvin Tecson
Director: Henry Frejas
Client: McDonalds