Saturday, February 28, 2009

I just got promoted, I'm now a SENIOR ART DIRECTOR

freelance Illustrator (2003)
freelance Junior Art Director ( Aug 2004)
hired Junior Art Director ( Badong Abesamis as CD) at Leo Burnett Manila (Nov 2004)
promoted as an Art Director (2006)
promoted as a SENIOR ART DIRECTOR ( Feb.2009 BIATCH!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! I'M NOW A SENIOR ART DIRECTOR!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! kaya ko nang bilihin lahat ng lupa sa edsa! I can now buy EDSA and pay the Philippines' debt!! Obey cause I'm a senior art director mwahahahaha!!!

kidding aside,Thank you very much Leo Burnett Manila multinational advertising agency for your trust!! Mwahahahaah (evil laughter)