Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The most ridiculous komix in the universe!!

I grew up reading Funny Comics. Each Friday, I bought a new issue—without fail. And though I was still so young, I already dreamt of being an artist then.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, and now I’m big, or rather, old enough to stop playing and running to the store every Friday for my comic fix, and start working. But the influence of these comics on the work I do, are undeniable. That’s why I feel the need to ‘give back’.

As they say, those that are spoofed or made parodies of, are already MADE—they have reached a certain stature worthy of being, more than emulated, transformed or pushed to the boundaries of their entertainment value (if you may). Take for example those songs spoofed by Weird Al and T.V.J., or the events and character sketches shown on S.N.L., MadTV, and Bubble Gang. What we’ve created here, is a tribute to all the comics I grew up on, and all those comic artists who have influenced my style. For me, they’ve MADE it, and they deserve this.

I must tell you that our version may seem like ‘Funny Comics on drugs’. This is how we chose to push Funny to its limit; and may probably be an effect of Comix (please refer to wikipedia for further info) on me. And I do hope that you will have as much fun reading as we did when we created this; because that will be the real tribute to Funny.

You can purchase PUNNX KOMIX this FEB 13 at KOMIKSTRIP ( UPLB FIRST COMIC BOOK CONVENTION). For more info, visit their site CLICK HERE.


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