Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When I was a kid, I can honestly say I was the biggest fan of Funny Komiks. I’ve always been fascinated by the humor of the writers/artists specially Mr. Berlin Manalaysay. His bit, Combatron is usually the one I’m looking forward to read and laugh about in Funny Komiks. I grew up idolizing this man behind the amazing Combatron! Now, almost 2 decades later, together with my friend Dennis Nierra, We’re starting to do our very own KOMIX. One of the stories inside is highly influenced by my favorite artist/writer Mr. Berlin Manalaysay. As I was telling my Facebook friends about my new gig, “PUNNX KOMIX” (shameless plugging: Available at KOMIKSTRIP, UPLB) I came across the name of my idol, Berlin Manalaysay! I immediately IM’ed him and told him about my parody of Combatron. I was surprised how accepting he was of my idea. Now I can proudly say, I have the blessing of the creator or Combatron himself to parodize his masterpiece. Thank you very much sir!! =)

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