Saturday, February 13, 2010

PUNNX KOMIX launch-esque @ UPLB Comic-con (Komikstrip)

It was a success! Thank you very much to all the people that helped us solidify our ideas (hehehe solidify, me-ganun?). We're doing this as a tribute to Funny Comics as mentioned on our previous blog. Thanks to everyone who bought our KOMIX, who took a picture and asked for an autograph.. It was all flattering and overwhelming for me and Dennis.

Now, because of all the support, we were encouraged to secure a space at the UP Diliman Summer Komikon this coming April 17 where we are planning to launch PUNNX 2!

Also, selling our KOMIX at Sputnik is already on the works.

We are hoping for your continuous support not only to PUNNX KOMIX but also to the local indie comics scene.


Photo by Sheric Tabac and Jp Cuison

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