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Capt. Barangay Captain reviewed by KOMIKS NEWS NOW

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REVIEW: Captain Barangay Captain

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Review by Mark Cerbo

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I recently bought a two-disc DVD/CD-ROM of indie animated comic book titled Captain. Barangay Capt. by Kiko Machine front man JP Cuison and Kiko Machine Komix artist Manix Abrera at the recent Komikon 2007. I was sold not because of the comic book but my friend Azrael went nuts looking for one. He almost spent his money worth on all indie comics, and my curiosity was quite missing the “feel” of this event. So finally I have watched the full length (spanning two DVD/CD-ROM) discs of the series.

So Captain Barangay Capt. what’s it all about? Basically the animated comic was inspired from the characters from Marvel Comics. Like Captain Barangay Capt. was inspired from Captain America and his Kagawads from the original Mighty Avengers like Might T from Thor, Bakal Boy from Iron Man, and Hogan was inspired from… Ahem The Hulk and Pro Wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Surprisingly Manix Abrera’s pencils was inspired from Jack “King” Kirby who co-created with Stan Lee for Captain America and other well-known Marvel characters. The art was classic inspiration that got me on my heels seeing this animated comic and with a Filipino twist.


The first disc contains three episodes. The origin of Captain Barangay Capt., which reminds me of Captain Barbell’s origin. But this time around he was formerly known as Captain Dumbbell. The second and third episode is an Entrapment Operation against Doktor Domingo a.k.a Doktor Dom which features the first appearance of the Kagawads local version of the original Might Avengers that featured The Hulk, Mighty Thor, and Iron Man in there heyday.

The animated comic has funny and it was narrated by JP Cusion in tagalog, who sounded like Rey Langit a local radio & TV personality.


On the second disc it contains the adventures of Captain Barangay Capt. taking on the local version of The Red Skull. The next episode is the adventures of Bakal Boy taking on Magnus Lasingero a.k.a the local version of Magneto. Plus! The origin of Mighty T as the last episode to see on the Two-Disc animated comic.

The animated comic was first released in 2006, and they made a follow-up with the second disc. he humor made me sold and liked these comic book characters. Would like to see them in print or a Third Disc would be greatly expected to see.

Overall it was a fun strip and if your not familiar where they got the inspiration to this its in the credits. Seriously looking forward to there forth coming works. Definitely a must buy to support indie comics locally.

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